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Re: ‘Live-Born’ Abortions: No Easy Choices, Feb. 7.
The late-term abortion issue has touched my life. An ultrasound showed our second baby had spina bifida occulta. His legs didn’t work and his spine looked like an L instead of curling. The technicians at the ultrasound clinic wouldn’t even give me a photo to take home. I was past 21 weeks along when abortion was recommended to us by my doctor and other doctors he consulted.
We were given three days to decide. It was their recommendation to have an abortion as it would be a hard life for us and an unfair life for our baby. We thought about it hard, crying for days — before deciding to keep our baby. Our thought process was that we wanted another baby, we tried for this baby and this baby was meant to be here. I didn’t think of the inconvenience…

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