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Tosca Lee in her new book, “Iscariot book coverIscariot” published by Howard Books gives us a A Novel of Judas.

From the back cover:  The story you thought you knew.

“They will say that I betrayed Him, that I reduced His price to thirty silver shekels.  That I turned against my master.  They do not know me.”

Judas Iscariot.  History has called him many things:  Thief.  Liar.  Traitor.  Reviled throughout history and infamous for his suicide, he is the man whose very name is synonymous with betrayal.

And the only disciple that Jesus called “friend”.

From the acclaimed bestselling author of Havah: The Story of Eve, “Iscariot” is a compelling portrait of Biblical history’s most maligned character–from his tumultuous childhood to his emergence as the man known to the world as the betrayer of Jesus. But even more, it is an extraordinary view into the life of Jesus that forces us…

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