Weekly Comic Book Review


By: Jason Latour (Writer), Nic Klein (Artist/Colorist)

The Story: Bucky gets pushed on a certain mission by Nick Fury and has to save an undercover agent from Hydra.

The Review: Jason Latour is not a lucky person. Having taken this title right after Ed Brubaker’s departure, he now hasthe pressure to please those who have grown with Bucky Barnes, the one character Brubaker took from obscurity to popularity in the pages of Captain America. It is sad to say, but many won’t continue reading the book simply because Ed Brubaker’s name is not on the book anymore.

That would be an error, since the book continues to be strong, despite the fact that the main voice behind Bucky is gone. As a matter of fact, Jason Latour actually does get the character here, providing us with the next step in his adventures after the conclusion of the…

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