Weekly Comic Book Review


By: Scott Snyder & Jeff Lemire (story), Andrew Belanger (art), Tony Avina (colors)

The Story: This time, Alec and Buddy jump into a mysterious hole with both eyes open.

The Review: If Animal Man #17 hasn’t already made it clear that this crossover has lost its legs and, with all honestly, has done so for a while now, then its sister issue in Swamp Thing definitely seals the matter.  Somewhere along the way, whether it was good ideas that didn’t quite pan out, interference from the editorial powers that be, or a case where Snyder and Lemire got overburdened with work and lost their focus, Rotworld stopped being special.

When I say that, I basically mean the story’s gotten predictable, which is always deadly, no matter how well the writer pulls it off.  As long as two months ago, you could guess that the presence Alec’s been sensing all…

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