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A Beginner’s Guide to Raw Denim…Pay Attention Youngin’s

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By Brock Cardiner

from Highsnobiety


\A Beginners Guide to Raw Denim

Continuing from where we left off in our history of Japanese denim, we head toward the oftentimes confusing world of “raw”, or “dry”, denim. The topic is no joke for those who have spent countless hours researching the best in raw denim, not to mention a tidy sum of money. Even so, there’s still plenty of educating to be done especially for people who have considered dropping a little extra money but hesitated at the last second due to not quite understanding the hype behind it.

Here we’ll start from the beginning and hopefully give those with a head full of raw denim knowledge a little something extra. Take a look below for the full article.


Like any topic involving subtleties and complexities, it’s necessary to understand the basics before heading off into more advanced territory. To begin, during a pair of jeans’ construction…

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