Hearing The Fans of Taylor Swift

thoughtsoff...Heart Out

*written in October 2011*
So I stumbled upon Taylor Swift’s songs just today in my search for “modern Christmas songs”. I did not know the girl could really sing and better yet, write real good songs! Admittedly, I think I’m beginning to be fond of her work. She’s actually clean, way cleaner than her contemporaries and her songs are decent and authentic to the core of her being. You listen to her songs, you start feeling her. That’s probably why her heart is visibly into her songs since they’re one and the same.

I started to google her to try to know who she is. Found out she personally writes her songs and all based from her life experiences. Her albums are simply professional products of her life diaries. Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind. Thousands of young people love her, her songs, her voice, her style. But could it…

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