Preface arts and design individu-community.

revolusi kaki 5

revolusi kaki 5

Pleasure artistic sains meet problem solver meet realisme.

At my young day, my friend from graphic design said to me, design is a problem solver. Than I ask to myself what is a painter as equal motto?

Than I make prediction, painter as part of fine art artisan is artistic sains. But my prediction change too make art as a pleasure sains.  But my teacher have told us, painter is a leader anchestor  in fine art and design. As a parents and older brother or sister in fine art and design.  A painter is a legacy monarchy or aristocracy from classic era till pop and posmodern era that still deserves privilige rights in fine art and design.

Both painter, artissans or designer through reality days meet plurality realities, jobs, study,  evaluation and practice work of art process.

And Edward Brightman said, reality is plural. Georg Lukacs said,  I as a subject interaction with reality around.

Raden Saleh said, I still want to learn what modern art is. R. Basuki Abdulah an Indonesian maestro painter said Art is bussiness and bussines is art. Tsun-Zu comes with Art of war. Also exist martial art.

As our introducing ourselves realisme. But still find ourselves lead a way, solution and freedom too as a real human capability , flexibility, need, and more find a simple ways to achieve practice wealth and pleasure.


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