Kassandra Heller, Eric Orchard, Rebecca Dart, Alexis Barattin


Peeps to watch out for is a look at some of the next generation of up-and-coming creative people in the arts. For this installment, I’ve selected four very different and very, very talented artists working in book and graphic novel illustration, animation design, and more. With an emphasis on 2D illustration, these artists started out drawing as children and haven’t stopped yet.

Kassandra HellerKASSANDRA HELLER (Los Angeles, California)

What are some of your previous and current projects? Past or present employers?

There are not enough hours in a day for an artist! Right now I’m working at an animation studio called Oddbot Inc. I’m currently working on background design on a few different shows, but mainly I work on a super-secret Disney show. I also work on shorts for Mad TV for Cartoon Network. Before that, I worked as a background colorist at 6 Point Harness on a show called Good…

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